Over the last few months, we have been taking additional precautions at East Coast Linen Hire to help protect our staff, customers and prevent the spread of COVID:19:

  • Additional deliveries and collections are being made to help reduce the amount of people coming to us

  • Designated collection and drop off areas have been introduced to prevent people entering the premises

  • All linen arriving on the premises goes straight into our quarantine pod to be processed. Once processed it is taken into our main work area and immediately placed into the machines for washing

  • Disposable gloves are always worn when initially handling used laundry in our quarantine pod. These are then removed, disposed of and hands are washed to help prevent cross contamination. New gloves are used when entering our main work area

  • Non disposable laundry bags that are unable to be washed are stored separately in our quarantine pod

  • All laundry hampers are disinfected on a regular basis

  • Additional daily cleaning duties have been introduced in all work areas